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Author Topic: Need EAI Sequence logic pattern  (Read 1970 times)
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« on: January 16, 2009, 11:34:13 PM »


Curently we are looking for Some of the usefull patern or solution for Application sequence logic.

Example:we have Siebel and kenan systems using TIBCO BW as integration layer.  in tibco we  have a three core modules 1)Createcustomr 2)accountcreate and 3)Asset component. some of the dependent interfaces are also availabe fo the above 3 .and  all of them are async and siebel system is a source  and kenan is target. in tibco we created services

siebelSourceGenericasyncService-It will read the siebel message from queue and transilate the message to CDM(Commondatamodel) and post message to routerservice
RouterService:- this service get the message and route the message  to the appropriate target system based on the configuration file.
kenanTargetasyncService:-this is a service it will read the message  form Router and it will transorm the CDm message to Targeet format and it will send to target message.
actually before transalating the message from  CDM to Target request we are calling sequence service.
SequenceService:- it  service will receive the Customer code as sequence groupent successfully or not re w and interface name from the payload and it will check that the dependet interfaces went successfully or not if all went it will  return success to kenan service then kenan service will send this interface to kenan system . if one of the dependent servcie failed  sequence service will send block status then kenanaservice park this payload in to Databse. once we discard the failed message and resubmit it from source message then only it will  resubmit blocked message from parked DB. validating sequence we created as PL/SQL StoredProcedure.

i except you under stand this logic. in very simple example for this sceanario . once createCustomer success thenn only we can create AccountCreate(billing) or createAssets for that customer if customer it self fails   there is not point to create billing account or assets without customer details .

problem: we are facing so many issues in SequenceService Like in sequenceing. the stored procedure call is not releasing connections quickly   fome JDBC pool.  as per our logic all  messages try for connection  and do some iterations  all process are become Active instancess  we are forcefully killing these Active process because it will again start from check point.

1)i want a  new solution to change the existing architecture
2)i want a sequence liogic patterns which suites my project requirement or
3) i want exact solution to eliminate this error works well
4)   i verified all in web i did not got any informatin  regarding application sequenceing


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« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2009, 07:12:47 AM »


Follow this re-sequence pattern :


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