Detailed Instructions for iProcess Installation - Single Server

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I am providing these instructions based on Sun Solaris Installation with 10.5.0 iProcess Version, this site has very good value seems to be.. you guys rock dude, impressive. Take my contribution too..

Please follow the detailed instructions to key in iProcess.

1.   Copy all the binaries to the server where we are planning to do installations.
2.   Make sure we are using x-windows for installation, otherwise business connector plug-in will not do correct installations.
3.   Install the tibco runtime agent (TRA should be 5.5.0 and on top of that apply the patch version 5.5.2).
4.   Install the Staffware iProcess engine (Follow the instructions in installation guide).
5.   Install the Business Connector iProcess Server plug-in (Follow the instructions in installation guide).
a.   Make sure swdir is in environment path
6.   Install the java plugin.
7.   Make sure to set the SW_SYSCLASSPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH (these variable names depends on OS) and set the jars as desired based on the installation guide.   
8.    Restart the process sentinels using the commands installation guide.
9.   Install BrowserClient or Client for iProcess, Browser client requires either any app server, I used Tomcat instance.
a.   Install the tomcat instance in any of the server
b.   Copy the tibco iProcess Browser client in the server where we have tomcat installed, and execute the bin file
c.   Follow the instructions in installation guide, and make sure the tomcat instance should have the jar files of iprocess browser client (you will have instructions).
d.   Provide the right iprocess server installations.
e.   start the tomcat instance

To access iprocess applications, use the following syntax with the user credentials.

The following is the browser link to access the system,

<< http://servername:<tomcat port>/TIBCOiPClnt/iProcessClient.html>>
Access to Browser client : swadmin/<password you used to set>


I need to learn tibco iprocess .Can u guide me .how to install & plz tell me requried software .I know active enterprise tools .One time i started installation but i got  error in  iprocess  sql server engin.

first i installed
sql server 2005  or sql server 2000 with service pack2   

Tibco runtime agent

Tibco admin

Tibco BW
Then after i started  iprocess sql server Engin  but her i got error  many times   " Failed to locate pthread.dll component".Up to here iam doing every time then after  i got error ...So can u plz tell me the installation




Hi Kesana,
if you need information on how to install iProcess have a look into this forum as there are a couple of guides already.

Regarding the error you are getting it seems that you are missing the pthreads libraries which you can download from here:


        Thank u i solved this  problem ..Tibco bpm requried tomcat web server ? . Am trying to learn in  tibco iprocess suite but it little bit confusing  compare to  tibco active enterprise tool.

last  90 days onwards  am doing R&D on  tibco iprocess engin (sql server).Today i got install  then after which one  can i install ?

In tibco  administration  tomcat web server  is default available .Is it enough other wise  i need to install tomcat web server? plz let me know .

Thanks for all tibco  developers


What ever that comes with tibco admin tool, that is not enough for iProcess, you need full version of tomcat for iProcess.


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